K ankakee County Drug Court Program 

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Kankakee County Drug Free Board

Kankakee County Drug Free Program is the fundraiser arm for the Kankakee County Drug Court. Board members meet regularly to discuss and analyze ways to financially continue with the Kankakee County Drug Court program.

Board of Directors

Joe Ewers, President

Larry Groskreutz, Treasurer

James Riedel, Secretary

Chris Curtis

Barbara(Barbi) Watson 

Michael Johnston

Scott Snavely

Nick Allen

Supporting Board Members

Judge Kenneth Leshen 

Kankakee County States Attorney Jim Rowe

Lisa Kurtz (Case Manager & Drug Court Officer)

James Riedel (Drug Court Officer)

How can you help the Kankakee County Drug Court Program?




Your church or community organization can host a representative of our group for a brief presentation on Drug Court in Kankakee County. This assists us in spreading the word of this valuable program.



Typically held each Spring and Fall, Drug Court Graduations are the culmination of 18-24 months of dedication, perseverance, and hard work on the part of each of our clients. Join us to witness firsthand the impact of our program on participants and their families as they present to The Court their successful completion of their mandates. Check our Check our News & Events page often for the date, time, and place of our graduations.



As State and Federal grants have all but disappeared, Drug Court has come to rely upon the generous support of our benefactors to sustain the important work that we do in Kankakee County. Check our webpage for notice of up-coming events such as our Annual Frisbee Golf Outing, Flower Sale, and others. You may also donate at any time by visiting our donation page

The Kankakee County Drug Court Program needs your help!

The savings offered by Drug Courts is substantial. The Office of National Drug Control Policy estimates that Drug Courts yield a savings of $21,000 annually when the average cost per participant is $2000 and the cost of incarceration is $23,000.


Your generous support enables us to help families live healthy, drug-free lives, address new threats facing America’s young people, help friends and family members find assistance for loved ones with drug or alcohol problems and conduct essential research to ensure that our programs make a difference.


Thanks for your support!